Call on Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to Unite!

It’s time for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to combine their efforts.

Call on them to launch a joint campaign, fighting together for

a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, Debt Forgiveness, Expanded Social Security, a $15 Minimum Wage, and more.

Sanders for President and Warren for Vice-President.

Here's the call and the rationale.

a simple call

Sanders and Warren are both fighting against the neoliberal policies of austerity. They are being attacked by Wall Street, the media, and the Democratic Party leadership. Rather than allow them to suffer death by a thousand cuts, let’s call for them to combine their efforts in an act of political jiujitsu. In this case 1+1 does not equal 2, but something much greater and potentially revolutionary. Sanders + Warren will provide the leadership we desperately need.

Sanders in 2020, warren in 2024 and 2028

A Sanders-Warren team will build a strong foundation for serious political change, not only in the Democratic Party but for  the entire country. Let’s elect Sanders President in 2020 with Warren as his Vice-President. Warren will be well prepared to take up the mantle in 2024 and potentially serve as President in her own right for a full eight years.

A year of popular education

Together, Sanders and Warren could help orchestrate a serious campaign of popular education in the months between now and November 2020, building on work already underway in every corner of the country. Imagine investing the time and money otherwise wasted on a primary campaign helping Americans come clear on how the economy really works.

Complement rather than divide

Once Sanders and Warren unite, we will all benefit from the complementary experience and skills of two intelligent and courageous individuals. Sanders has shown a willingness to take the populist message into the heart of what the media likes to call Trump country. Warren has been fierce during her time in the Senate, showing a firm grasp on the details of finance capitalism and what it will take to wage a serious battle to bring the engine under control. We need them both.

the forces of capital are massive

Austerity. Austerity. Austerity. The mantra of the entrenched capitalist class: “There isn’t enough money for that!” Sanders and Warren are both clear: “We have enough to ensure that everyone has a decent job, a place to live, and good health care. We can’t afford to do otherwise.” The forces arguing for austerity have tremendous power. As Sanders has argued, “The system is rigged.” We need both Sanders and Warren, together, as we wage this war. And it is a war.

So many challenges! A new, united force!

A Green New Deal, reigning in the banks and corporations, relieving crushing student and credit card debt, raising the minimum wage, Medicare for All, protecting and expanding Social Security — will these remain dreams? Both Sanders and Warren have concrete plans in each of these areas. We need them working together. And with them at the top of the party, the insurgents at the bottom will begin to find support and greater traction. A combined Sanders-Warren administration will set fire to peoples’ imaginations and draw millions who have been feeling beaten down and disenfranchised — into active citizenship!

Here's what you can do right now.

Call on sanders and warren to unite

Issue the call to Sanders and Warren. Send their campaigns email. Call them on the phone. Show up at their rallies and call on them to unite. Make the appeal personal. Encourage them to set ego aside for the sake of us all. We need both of them, together.

talk with your friends and relatives

Start talking. At home. With relatives. In your neighborhood. At work. Plant the idea, listen to peoples’ reactions. Tell them what you are doing. This is within our power to do.

use your contribution to reinforce the call

Have you given to either or both campaigns? If so, let them know that you will continue your support once they announce their joint campaign. Haven’t given either of them money? Write them both and tell them you are a potential new supporter of and donor to a united Sanders-Warren campaign.

Blog and publish everywhere

If you are a blogger, write about this call and include a link to this page. If you are political commentator or pundit, talk about this call in your next piece. Critique it, add to it, refine it. If you are a teacher, raise it in your classroom. If you regularly share links to articles with friends, send them the link to this page and ask them  what they think.

share your thoughts. I'm a real person.

Hello. My name is Andrew Wimmer. I’m a teacher, writer and community activist living in St. Louis. I am issuing this call and encouraging others to join me. There is no group to join or list to subscribe to. If you would like to send me your thoughts or a link to your online writing, email me at wimmera[at] I’ll be expanding this page to include other voices. I’d like to hear from you — right after you contact Sanders and Warren.